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Trained, Certified and listed as an experienced leader in the field of Radon.

Radon Systems of Connecticut is a radon mitigation company located in the Nutmeg State. For homeowners in Connecticut, radon is a very real risk; there are many areas of the state where levels are dangerously high. As Connecticut’s radon specialists, we take pride in ensuring that our clients’ homes remain safe from this potentially deadly gas.

With over ten years’ experience with radon testing, mitigation and equipment service, you can be assured that our technicians know how to identify, fix, and maintain any issues with radon that you may have in your home. Our mitigation professionals have been properly trained and certified, and they know how to choose the correct type of mitigation system for your home.

Your family’s safety and satisfaction are our first priorities when it comes to providing radon testing, mitigation and equipment maintenance services. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting to have your home tested and serviced for radon. Radon Systems of Connecticut is the radon mitigation company that you need to reduce your risk of developing lung cancer from radon exposure.

Please call us today to schedule testing or to talk about radon mitigation options in all areas of Connecticut.

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