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Radon Mitigation, Testing, & Systems in North Haven, CT

Radon Systems of Connecticut is North Haven, CT's #1-rated company for radon mitigation, radon testing, and radon systems. Locally owned and operated, delivering complimentary on-site estimates.

About Our North Haven, CT Radon Mitigation Services

Although it’s a naturally-occurring gas, radon mitigation is necessary if you have this substance coming into your home. Exposure to the gas could potentially cause lung cancer, but since radon has no odor or color, detecting it can be difficult. That’s where we step in. We’re Radon Systems of Connecticut, your radon mitigation, testing, and systems specialists.

Should your suspect your property has radon, our team can come out right away to assess the situation. Between our radon systems, radon testing, and radon mitigation services, we can detect the gas and redirect it from your home so your family can breathe easier.

Radon Mitigation, Radon Testing, and More

Here is an overview of the services our team offers:

Radon Testing: Our inspection crew will come out to your home to conduct testing. Since radon can linger within wells, groundwater, and the soil, we’ll test deep into the earth to the third layer to ascertain whether your property is positive for radon. Then we’ll share our findings with you and discuss the mitigation process.

Radon Mitigation: Should our team detect radon in your home or around your property, the next step is radon mitigation. You can trust our team to reduce the levels of exposure as much as possible. We use a variety of mitigation technologies and tools, including crawlspace sub-membrane depressurization and active soil depressurization to the slab, exterior installation, and/or interior installation.

Radon Systems: To continually reduce radon levels on your property, our team may recommend passive or active radon systems. With crawlspace sub-membrane depressurization, we’ll depressurize the crawlspace so radon gas cannot accumulate in this part of the house. Active soil depressurization systems make a vacuum that pulls radon towards a tube. The tube then directs the radon away from your home.

The Area's Most Trusted Radon Mitigation Specialists

At Radon Systems of Connecticut, our specialists understand how scary and difficult it can be when you find radon on your property. Our team knows where in the North Haven, CT area radon levels are likely to be highest. We'll mitigate the problem as quickly as possible so you and your family can, once again, feel safe at home.

Our family-owned and operated business is a long-time area staple. With our selection of radon mitigation equipment, you can count on us for a job well done. We offer complimentary quotes as well.

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Radon gas is extremely dangerous to have in your home, and you could be living with it without even knowing. To talk to one of our radon mitigation specialists today, give us a call. We may be able to provide you with a quote over the phone!


Will your team check my radon system after installation?

Yes, we offer radon equipment checks, even if our team didn’t install your system. Our tests will ensure all of your radon equipment is working optimally.