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Trained, Certified and listed as an experienced leader in the field of Radon.

Connecticut's Radon Contractors

We have over twenty years of experience in radon detection. From up to date testing equipment to radon mitigation - our team of experts can assist you with the help you need to protect yourself and loved ones from radon exposure.

Our company provides high quality radon testing, diagnostics and mitigation services throughout Connectucut. We are certified, trained and experienced leaders in radon mitigation, equipment services and radon system installation.

Approved Radon Testing

Whether you are moving into a new home, want to test the radon levels in your current home for your own safety or you are planning on selling your home - we can provide radon test systems to ensure that you have a healthy environment. The American Lung Association, American Medical association and National Safety Council suggest that homes be tested to prevent harmful exposures to radon. In Connecticut, 300 lung cancer deaths a year are connected to radon exposure. We provide testing with state of the art equipment that includes many short term testing modalities as well as two long term testing modalities:

  • Alpha Track Devices: Long-term tests from three months to a year.
  • Electret Ion Chamber Detectors: A continuous radon monitor for long term detection.

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The Radon Mitigation Process

Shortly after we finish the diagnostics from testing for your home, we will sit down with you to make an plan of action if radon levels are above standard safety levels. we offer various mitigation techniques to reduce radon emissions both inside and outside of your home. A few of our mitigation processes include:

  • Active Soil Depressurization for Interior Installation
  • Active Soil Depressurization for Exterior Installation
  • Crawlspace Sub-Membrane Depressurization
  • Active Soil Depressurization Slab Installation

We will better know which mitigation process to use for your home when we come out for an inspection. Each home is different and the mitigation process depends a lot on the design of your home, which is why we have contractors trained in the EPA's Radon Contractor Proficiency (RCP) tests.

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Complete Equipment Service and Maintenance

When it comes to our business, we are dedicated to providing quality service and building relationships with you.  We perform maintenance checks when needed and are known for our outstanding dedication to following up with each individual customer. This is our community and we are here to serve and protect you from the harmful effects of radon emissions. 

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