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Radon Mitigation

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What Is Radon Mitigation?

Simply put, radon mitigation is the process of decreasing radon from ground water, drinking water, soil and the air you breathe from your home. Lowering radon levels requires specific knowledge pertaining to where radon is found in and around the home, what equipment works to remove radon and which treatment method will work best for your home.

The EPA suggests that you always use a radon contractor to reduce radon levels in your home through mitigation. A qualified radon inspector will come out and put equipment in place to reduce harmful radon levels to meet EPA safety measurements. We use the best state of the art equipment on the market to reduce the radon levels in your residence. 

Connecticut Radon Systems Will Reduce Radon In Your Home

You may be wondering how a piece of equipment can reduce a gas that is so abundant throughout Connecticut and is always releasing into our water, air and soils. We've got the answers to radon reduction! You simply hire our team of professionals to carry out the testing process, figure out your home's radon levels and from there we make a plan of action for radon mitigation. We serve the areas of New Haven, Stamford, Fairfield, Hartford, Danbury, and Trumbull. We use the following techniques for radon reduction:

  • Active Soil Depressurization - Interior Installation: This is the most popular form of radon mitigation and consists of a pipe that runs from the basement or garage through your home's closets and is attached to a radon fan in the attic. This fan is exhausted through pipes to the roof and works to reduce the radon levels in your home. 

  • Active Soil Depressurization - Exterior Installation: This exterior system is put into place on the outside foundation of your home. The vent is connected to the fan, which is placed at ground level and runs up through pipes that exhausts to the roof. You can paint the vent pipe for a more appealing look to match your home. The system monitor is put into place at the lowest level of the building. 

  • Crawl Space Sub-membrane Depressurization: This method works by lowering air pressure in the crawl space of your home to match indoor air pressure through the use of a fan that draws air from the crawl space area. A PVC pipe is connected to the radon fan and then exhausted up to the roof system. 

  • Active Soil Depressurization - Slab: This radon mitigation method works by installing a pipe into a section of slab in your home and routes to the roof line. A fan is then put in place to extract radon from soil gas below your home's structure. This is the best technique to mitigate radon in the soil, which is what negatively effects and pollutes your water system. 

We can put into place the right equipment for radon mitigation in your home. Don't wait to install your radon system because it is a matter of your family's safety. We install monitors with all our radon reduction equipment, so you will know if there is ever a problem. We always follow-up with our customers to ensure that everything is working properly and that the radon levels have been reduced to offer a safer environment for you. 

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