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Radon Systems in Connecticut: What Are Your Options?

There are several types of radon mitigation systems that can be used in your Connecticut home. The type that is best for your particular home depends on a lot of factors, including the radon levels; the type of slab, crawlspace or basement you have; and how old your home is (or whether it’s currently being built).

At Radon Systems of Connecticut, we sit with each client to figure out the best course of action to mitigate high levels of radon. You might not end up with the same type of system that others in your community have, because we take into consideration the various factors, as well as your budget.

Active and Passive Radon Mitigation Systems in Connecticut

We provide several different types of systems that will reduce the amount of radon you and your family are exposed to. Here are some of our common products.

  • Active soil depressurization. One of the most common types of radon systems, active soil depressurization creates a slight vacuum that sucks radon-contaminated air up a tube and out of the home. Depending on the aesthetics desired, as well as on other considerations, the system might be installed in the interior or the exterior of the home. Either way, the air gets vented outside the home to prevent it from traveling from room to room. Depending on the house, there might be an 80 to 99% reduction in the amount of radon collecting in the living areas.

  • Crawl space sub-membrane depressurization. If you have a crawl space, chances are good that radon gas is able to leach into it. In this case, you might need a sub-membrane depressurization. We can put down thick plastic along the floor and partially up the walls of the space, then arrange for the depressurization to take place under the membrane. Preventing radon from accumulating in your crawl space will keep it out of the rest of your house, and the radon gas underneath will be safely vented outside.

We have other ways of reducing radon, too, including slab depressurization for homes without basements and products that can help reduce radon in homes that are currently being built.

Please call Radon Systems of Connecticut if you are in need of radon mitigation services.