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Radon Mitigation in Your Stamford, CT Home Can Save Your Life

If you live in Stamford, Connecticut, chances are good that you have radon in your home. Radon Mitigation in your Stamford home can keep you from having cancer down the road. Radon is a gas that you cannot see, smell, feel or taste, but it can do lasting damage to your lungs. In fact, it’s the second-leading cause of lung cancer to cigarettes. You can protect yourself and your family by having your home tested and treated for radon gas.

Radon Systems of Connecticut specializes in radon testing and mitigation services in the Stamford area. If you live in Southern Connecticut, you can trust us to solve your radon problems.

  • Radon Testing

    The only way to know for sure that you have or don’t have radon in your home is with proper radon testing. In Stamford, Radon Systems leads the pack when it comes to radon testing companies. We use state of the art radon testing systems in order to get the results back ASAP because there is no time to waste. 

  • Radon Mitigation

    If you are looking for radon mitigation in Stamford, Connecticut, we can help. Your new radon system will reduce the amount of this harmful gas that comes into your home. If you haven't already researched what Radon does to you, check out our article on Radon Poisoning

  • Equipment Service

    If your existing radon mitigation equipment is not functioning properly, we can help. Get your radon levels under control and improve your health by calling us for equipment service today. 

Where Does Radon Come From?

When uranium under the ground breaks down, it can create the gas known as radon. Because the molecules are so small, they can get into the air and water, in addition to the soil and rocks around your home. When your family breathes in air or drinks water, they can be inhaling or ingesting these molecules. Over time, this can lead to lung cancer.

The contractors at Radon Systems of Connecticut can test your home to see if it contains harmful levels of the gas. The EPA standards dictate that levels of 4 pCi/L are very high; homes in the Stamford area average 3.9 pCi/L of radon, so it’s very important to have your home tested. Even lower levels of radon can be harmful; learning where your radon levels fall will help you to make educated decisions.

What Will Radon Systems of Connecticut Do for Homes With High Radon Levels?

Once your testing is complete, we offer a range of options and services for mitigating and monitoring the radon levels in your home. Your cost will vary depending on the type of radon system you choose. The good news is that many of our options are quite affordable; our goal is for everyone in Connecticut, including Stamford, to have radon-free air and water to breathe and drink.

Call for a Consultation and Estimate

Call us today to schedule your in-home consultation. We can give you a price estimate for testing, as well as go over the options available for radon mitigation, depending on your situation. Don’t delay; radon exposure is cumulative and can be deadly. Contact us now.